Survey Status

The H.R.S. on-line Clientsí Support service is now available to anyone with an Internet connection and itís only accessible to those who have applied to Hellenic Register to obtain the necessary access rights (a User Name and Password).

This confidential information is a new service which will provide owners and managers, with detailed information on the Survey Status of their ships, free of charge. Expiry dates of class and statutory surveys, next due surveys and any recommendation(s) will be readily available and the information will be up-dated every day.

The same service is also granted to the European Commission, to the SIRENAC (the Paris MOU database) and to administrations for the ships flying their flags.

Finally, we would be much obliged if you informed us of any difficulties that you might face in accessing this information in the said website and/or of any deficiencies that you will probably locate, in order for us to improve not only this system's efficiency but also its general presentation.

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